World Elephant Day!! Elephants are not Entertainment: At Home and Abroad

    Traveling can be a fantastic way to explore different perspectives, cultures, and experiences. As an animal lover, it can be so rewarding to use your travel time to build new relationships with local wildlife. However, due to COVID restrictions, not only is travel more complicated, the animals used to create these magical moments abroad are […]

    Pandemic Pets

    There are many benefits to adopting or fostering animals during “normal” times, when the world is not collectively going through a global health crisis. However, during the current Covid-19 Pandemic, there are even more reasons to welcome a new pet into your family. Sharing our lives with animals is good for our health. There are […]

    What Happens to the Family Dog or Cat When Couples Split UP?

    Written by Suzana Gartner & Alyssa Kelliher Divorce can be messy and hard during normal times. When you consider the global situation and the pandemic, the stresses can be more difficult. Even with amicable divorces, separating a single household into two can be challenging.  Separation is even harder when children and animals are involved. Pet […]

    Horses are Majestic Creatures and Not Commodities

    By Suzana Gartner & Alyssa Kelliher Horses are complex highly social animals that need other horses for companionship. Naturally, horses have rich and varied social lives where they play and groom each other. Domestic horses need room to exercise and run. They need regular veterinary, dental and hoof care. The sad fact is that most […]

    Fostering and Adopting Companion Animals During COVID-19

    The world has drastically changed due to COVID-19. Health care workers are putting their lives on the line every day taking care of COVID-19 patients. Most people are staying home. As a result, more people than ever before are fostering and adopting companion animals. People who thought they didn’t have time to help an animal […]

    Animals Experience Emotions, But Why Does that Matter?

    By: Suzana Gartner & Hannah Cinel             Many dog guardians would agree, myself included that our furry friends can feel emotions just like us. My dog’s excitement and joy when I return home from work each day is palpable. A recent study, as discussed in the New York Times, showed us that the sights and […]

    Mindfulness Approach to Plant-Based Lifestyle

    The decision of whether or not to consume animal products is a personal one, albeit one with far-reaching impacts. As an animal rights lawyer, you might expect me to take a definitive stance on the moral implications of that decision, and offer my reasons. Rather than do that, the idea that I want to put […]

    Your Pet’s Status in the Eyes of the Law: Family or Property?

    The question of choosing between a coffee-maker and your beloved pet seems to have an absurdly easy answer. Of course, you would choose your pet: they are a member of your family and are irreplaceable. Unfortunately, current Canadian law disagrees with you. In the eyes of the law, pets are nothing more than a piece […]

    From Farm to Sanctuary – Treatment of Farm Animals in Canada

    Farming laws in Canada set the standard of care for the 800 million land animals slaughtered in the country each year1. While most Canadians believe that the government ensures humane farming practices, this is regrettably far from the truth2. The disconnect that occurs between farm animals as a product and animals as thinking, feeling beings […]