Suzana Gartner with a black pig, Penelope, at a farm

    Be Kind to Farm Animals

    They deserve to Be Treated with Dignity and Kindness In honor of National Farm Animal Awareness Week (which takes place the third week of September), I would like to take a moment and reflect on the plight of farm animals, and in particular, those innocent creatures that are raised for food in factory farms and […]

    Happy 4th of July to American Pet Parents and Animal-Lovers

    Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe & Happy It’s that time of year to celebrate American Independence Day to spend time with friends and family and that includes our beloved furry friends. Pets are part of the family!! Unfortunately, it can be a stressful time for our beloved canine and feline friends as well as […]

    Cosmetic Testing on Animals is banned in Canada

    Let’s Celebrate this Milestone and Victory for Animals! Happy Canada Day to fellow Canadians!! It’s official that our country has officially banned the testing of animals for cosmetics. It’s news to share widely with Canadians and animal lovers everywhere!! The law, Bill C-47, puts an end to cosmetic testing and sales in Canada so that […]

    Take a Stand for Animals during Animal Rights Awareness Week!

    There are many issues affecting animals and ways to help them. Animal Rights Awareness Week was created in 1991 by the Defence of Animals organization. It highlights important issues such as puppy mill awareness, animal testing, abuse, neglect, and harm toward companion and non-companion animals. From signing petitions to making phone calls, writing letters to […]

    Summer Safety Tips for Your Pets

    Summer is fast approaching and many of us are spending more time outdoors enjoying the warm weather with our furry friends. Did you know that hot weather can be dangerous for your pet? We all want to be the best pet parents and take care of our furry loved ones as we spend more time […]

    Photo by Krista Mangulsone on Unsplash

    Let’s Celebrate Be Kind to Animals Month in May

    Although every moment we should strive to be kind and compassionate toward others – especially those vulnerable members of our society such as children, elderly, and animals, this occasion “Be Kind to Animals Month” was created in 1915 and is aimed at raising social awareness and educating others about ways to show kindness and compassion […]

    How to Help Animals?

    Ways to become an Animal Advocate National Animal Advocacy Day is on April 30th! It is a day to recognize animal advocates who give a voice to animals to save them from abuse, cruelty, mistreatment and neglect. The work of animal advocates is to protect and rescue animals. It is important to animal rights and why we […]

    Gifting Animals for Easter

    Why You Should Not Buy a Bunny as a Present and What You Can Do Instead! Easter is around the corner and with this holiday many people think of celebrations and cute animals such as fluffy bunny rabbits and baby chicks! While this holiday is a happy time for families, especially children, enjoying chocolate treats and hide […]

    Thinking of Traveling with your Pets

    Tips for You and Your Pet’s Safety As the warmer season is approaching and spring break is almost here, many pet parents are planning to travel. There are considerations to think about if you are bringing your pet! You will need to purchase a crate or carrier bag (depending on the pet’s size) and you […]