Keep your pets safe during the eclipse
    Zoey the rabbit and Suzana Gartner

    Rabbits are not Easter Gifts!

    What you Need to Know Before you Adopt a Rabbit. Most of us think of spring flowers and birds chirping before Easter celebrations. One animal that comes to mind is the fluffy, furry, cute bunny rabbit! Some people buy rabbits during Easter as gifts for their children and other family members every year. Sadly, many […]

    Suzana Gartner and Oakley, the former foster pup

    Happy Foster February!!

    Do you love animals but cannot commit to adoption at this time? Are you thinking of adopting a pet but not ready? Have you heard of fostering? It literally can save lives! Let’s face it, the reality of animals in shelters is sad and they are stressful environments. It can be noisy and scary for animals and an uncomfortable place.

    A baby lamb and a delicious vegan snack

    Are you thinking of Going Vegan? What about Plant-based?

    Making the Switch is Easier than you think It’s a new year and a great time to think about starting a new lifestyle and way of life.  I have been following a plant-based and vegan lifestyle for years now!! I have always loved animals and wanted to help them. But it wasn’t just for animals; it was […]

    Suzana Gartner visits a pig on a sanctuary farm.
    Here is a rescue Turkey during my visit to Lands and Love Vegan Resort in Costa Rica which is a rescue and sanctuary, Animal Love Rescue. I cherish my memories there and encourage others to visit.  

    Take a New Idea on Old Traditions this Thanksgiving!! 

    Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!!  It is a special day to show gratitude and kindness to others including our animal friends. I hold a special place in my heart for the U.S. as our eldest son, Andrew, was born there. I cherish my daily walks on the beach in Newport Beach with my family including our beloved dog, […]

    Samson Mur (the cat) with Suzana Gartner

    Happy Halloween

    Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Pets Safe and Healthy! Halloween is a happy holiday for kids, teens, and even adults who like dressing up, and entire families! Kids get to experience spooky fun activities, dress in costumes, and enjoy treats including delicious candies. Unfortunately, for many family pets, it can be a stressful time. […]

    Lolita the Orca jumping
    Suzana Gartner with a black pig, Penelope, at a farm

    Be Kind to Farm Animals

    They deserve to Be Treated with Dignity and Kindness In honor of National Farm Animal Awareness Week (which takes place the third week of September), I would like to take a moment and reflect on the plight of farm animals, and in particular, those innocent creatures that are raised for food in factory farms and […]