The Power of Pets and Giving Gratitude this Thanksgiving: It’s Adopt a Dog Month and Adopt a Shelter Dog Month! - As we head into a new month we say goodbye to a month that taught me that thankfulness should not be taken for granted. As the world saw the death of Queen Elizabeth, I watched interviews of people reminiscing on times they came face-to-face with her majesty. I started to think about what I am […]
September is Puppy Mill Awareness Month - This month is the start of fall with new adventures; kids go back to school and adults back to work after dog days of summer vacations. But did you know September is also puppy mill awareness month and responsible dog ownership (aka guardianship) month? I prefer the term “pet parent” as most of you do […]
Feeling Stressed this Summer? Adopt an Animal! - Did you know when surveyed the majority of North American people admitted to feeling stressed? Perhaps it is due to the pandemic or the rising cost of living. We can agree that these past few years have brought stresses we never could have imagined. Therefore, I compiled a list of reasons why adopting an animal could […]
Dog Days of Summer: Tips to keep You and your Furry Friends Safe, Happy and Healthy This Season - If you live in a place where winter feels like it lasts far too long, than the moment warm weather arrives and summer is finally here it’s hard not to spend time outdoors with your dog for long periods of time especially when the days are longer and filled with sunshine. However, with heat comes danger […]