A New Philosophy for Animal Rights

It is an exciting new era for animal rights with the recognition that animals are complex, sentient beings with feelings and emotions. It is the view that animals share this planet with us. They can feel pain and happiness and experience the world through their individual lenses. Animals have personalities too! Each and every creature (big or small no matter what their classification is) deserves to live their life free from pain and suffering and be treated with dignity and compassion.

Animals are living, breathing beings; they are not inanimate objects or “things” and they should not be used as commodities or disposable items. There is no distinction between animal species in their abilities to feel and every animal is special, unique, and has a personality and desire to live their natural lifespans.

Regardless of animal species – companion, farm animals, and wildlife, every single animal’s life matters and deserves to be treated with kindness and respect. It is an important time in history when humans understands that animal rights is a social justice cause and that animal abuse is no longer tolerated or socially accepted.

Animals in shelters are not permitted to be killed, and they are restored to places of protection and sanctuaries to animals in need. As for farm animals, factory farming will come to an end when humans no longer support those businesses that exploit and profit from dairy and meat consumption. “Going vegan for animals, the planet, and human health” is on the rise. Wild animals in captivity used and abused for human entertainment is history. As more awareness of animals in captivity, used for research, and entertainment becomes known, these places that hurt animals are closed down. Animal testing for cosmetic purposes is ending all over the world, and animals are not subjects that are here for humans to use. Animals share this planet with us they deserve kindness, respect, and love.

Every animal is a unique, special creature. Animals are with us, not for us!