About The Book: A Voice for Animals

The book cover for A Voice for Animals by author Suzana Gartner

A Voice for Animals: The Social Movement Providing Dignity and Compassion for Animals

A Voice for Animals is an insightful and informative book about the deep emotional bond that humans share with animals including the connections and intimate relationships with our beloved pets. It also sheds light on other issues affecting animals such as homeless pets sitting in shelters and animal cruelty, including the mistreatment of companion animals, as well as other animal species in farming and food industries and the endangerment of wildlife.

The book is inspiring, uplifting, and filled with hopeful messages with heartfelt animal rescue stories that can touch readers’ hearts and souls. It encourages readers to become more involved in animal protection and join the animal rights movement, by taking individual steps such as: adopting animals from shelters, going vegan for animals, health, and our planet, embracing a cruelty-free lifestyle, and collectively making a difference. It empowers readers with knowledge, to gain practical tools, to want to get involved, and make positive changes as they are inspired to be a voice for animals.

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