About Suzana

About Suzana Gartner
Suzana Gartner, J.D., LL.M., is an animal rights lawyer and animal advocate. She completed her Master of Laws at Osgoode Hall law school in 2013 in Alternative Dispute Resolution. Her LL.M. thesis, ‘Reducing Euthanasia in Animal Shelters,’ focused on improving animal welfare with proactive strategies. She proposed consensus as a model and precursor to legislative and policy changes.

Gartner is committed to animal rights and has volunteered at shelters since childhood. She advances a new model for animal advocacy, ACAP (Acceptable Companion Animal Philosophy): the recognition that animals are sentient beings and the need for proactive, collaborative efforts to improve the legal system for animals.

Gartner speaks publicly on animal law issues and has been interviewed on national news, radio, and featured in print magazines. She served as the past Chair of the Ontario Bar Association’s Animal Law Section and serves on the board of advisors for Animal Justice, Canada’s largest animal charity.

In 2014 the first animal law firm and mediation practice in Canada: Gartner launched Gartner & Associates Animal Law.