Meet Suzana

Suzana Gartner and canine friendSuzana Gartner, J.D., LL.M. (ADR) is an animal advocate, animal rights lawyer, vegan. cruelty-free working mom and an author who is giving a voice and hope to animals by educating families, children, groups, and more.She is also the Managing Director of Operations and Programs at the Etobicoke Humane Society.

Suzana completed her Master of Laws degree at Osgoode Hall law school in Alternative Dispute Resolution. Her thesis, ‘Reducing Euthanasia in Animal Shelters.’ focused on improving the situation for shelter animals using collaboration, community support and consensus. In 2014, she launched the first animal law firm and mediation practice in Canada: Gartner & Associates Animal Law and practiced animal law for several years.

Suzana is committed to give a voice to animals and advance animal rights. She has volunteered at animal shelters since childhood. She speaks publicly on animal issues and has been interviewed on national news, radio, and podcasts and featured in print magazines. She served as the past Chair of the Ontario Bar Association’s Animal Law Section and served on the board of advisors for Animal Justice Canada’s largest animal charity.
Suzana Gartner with a black pig at a farm
She continues to pursue her passion as an animal advocate and visits animal rescues and sanctuaries. In her spare time, Suzana loves to travel, eat out at vegan restaurants, cook plant-based meals, take doggie walks in nature, and visit rescues/shelters. She practices mindfulness meditation and yoga. Suzana loves to spend time with her family, which includes her husband and their two teenagers and furry babies.

Suzana is available for interviews, expert commentary, features, Q&As and select byline opportunities.