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The Pet Healer – Ep – 146 – Special Guest, Suzana Gartner!

The Pet Healer Podcast June 30, 2023

Dr. Mitsie Vargas talks to Suzana about the book

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Animal Advocate Suzana Gartner On Her New book ‘A Voice for Animals’

KOA Radio June 20, 2023
Listen as Ross Kaminsky interviews Suzana.
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The Importance of Building Enduring Human-Animal Bonds

Psychology Today June 8, 2023
Marc Bekoff., PhD. interviews Suzana about her work and her new book.
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The “Why” Behind “Adopt Don’t Shop”

Female First June 7, 2023
Looking for a new animal friend? Suzana talks about why adopting from shelters and rescues are your best choice.
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Sweet Hereafter – Who Will Care for Your Pet?

Golden Girl Finance October 16, 2020
Suzana talks how to ensure that your best friend is protected if you’re no longer around.
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Pets and Travel

RM Travel Podcast March 11, 2023
Traveling with Pets takes planning and Suzana weighs-in with tips for making it successful
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Social Impact Authors: How & Why Author Suzana Gartner-Vlaovic Is Helping To Change Our World

Authority Magazine Dec 26, 2022
An interview with Suzana about creating positive social change.
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Sweet Hereafter – Who Will Care for Your Pet?

Golden Girl Finance October 16, 2020
Suzana talks how to ensure that your best friend is protected if you’re no longer around.
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Animal People and Human People – The Conflicts that Arise from Their Interaction

Mediation-Station-Radio-Talk-Show Feb 18, 2020
Suzana talks legal mediation on animal matters
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Pet Insurance & What to Expect

CBC Dec 18, 2019
Suzana encourages conducting due diligence when seeking pet insurance for your family companion animal.
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Unethical Breeders

CBC Dec 4, 2019
Suzana recommends the Canadian Kennel Club as the first spot to find a breeder with morality.
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Pet Custody Issues

Animal News Magazine Podcast Sept 8, 2019
Suzana talks to host Nancy Di Fabio about what happens when couples split up and how does the law view these situations?
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Employee cites ethical veganism as a creed

Law Times May 22, 2019
Connections exist between human rights and animal rights.
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Court rules Ontario animal protection law enforcement regime unconstitutional

Canadian Lawyer January, 2019
The Superior Court of Justice has ruled the current animal protection law enforcement regime in Ontario to be unconstitutional.
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Suzana Gartner on Breakfast Television

Breakfast Television May, 2018
Your pets are part of your family and unfortunately when families fall apart, or couples separate – animal rights will come in to play. Suzana spoke about this on Breakfast Television!
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Adjudicator calls for specialized court to tackle pet ownership and custody issues

The Lawyer’s Daily August 24, 2017
Is small claims court the right place for pet issues or should a new court for animals be developed?
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Pets and Animal Law

The Dating and Relationship Show July 16, 2017
Suzana Gartner talks with Laura Bilotta from
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The Family Pet: Property or Person

The Lawyer’s Daily April 10, 2017
Is there a difference between the family dog and the family cutlery in the eyes of the law?
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When there’s a divorce, who gets the family pet?

CBC Radio January, 2017
Here and Now’s host Gill Deacon talks with lawyer and animal advocate Suzana Gartner about what happens to the family pet when there’s a divorce.
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What happens to the dog when a couple breaks up?

Toronto Star January, 2017
Pet custody disputes can be nasty, but some former couples have found workable solutions.
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Follow-up interview on Tasha Kheiriddin’s show on Talk Radio AM640 (audio unavailable).

Pet Insurance Growing But Read the Fine Print

The Lawyers Weekly November, 2016
Pet insurance is becoming more common and is of interest to many owners. However, insurance companies can be highly restrictive in what they cover and in what they do not. Caveat emptor.
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What is Pet Law?

Pets Magazine October, 2016
Suzana Gartner and Sam Galway give an overview of common legal issues involving pets such as custody in separations or estates.

Judge limits Toronto lawyer to two pets

Law Times News September, 2016
Suzana Gartner, of Gartner & Associates Animal Law, says a lighter sentence is appropriate in this instance, as it does not appear that (Diane) Way wilfully neglected the cats.