Your Pet’s Status in the Eyes of the Law: Family or Property?

The question of choosing between a coffee-maker and your beloved pet seems to have an absurdly easy answer. Of course, you would choose your pet: they are a member of your family and are irreplaceable. Unfortunately, current Canadian law disagrees with you. In the eyes of the law, pets are nothing more than a piece […]

From Farm to Sanctuary – Treatment of Farm Animals in Canada

Farming laws in Canada set the standard of care for the 800 million land animals slaughtered in the country each year1. While most Canadians believe that the government ensures humane farming practices, this is regrettably far from the truth2. The disconnect that occurs between farm animals as a product and animals as thinking, feeling beings […]

Companion Animals Combat Loneliness

Adopting a pet is a strong strategy to relieve feelings of loneliness. In addition, companion animals can have many positive effects on people of all ages. For example, companion animals can help elders deal with social isolation or keep them company if they’re homebound. Similarly, studies show that companion animals can help young children live […]

Lucy’s Story: Exotic Animal Exploitation

For thousands of years, humans have exploited animals for their entertainment. Zoos are a leading example of this type of exploitation. Exotic animals are often taken from their native habitat, or a falsely advertised sanctuary and placed in zoos far from their country of origin. Zoos operate mainly to entertain humans and can have devastating […]

Giving A Voice To Silenced Horses

            Horses are gentle, intelligent, majestic, and loyal creatures who have served human needs for centuries. There is a special and trusting bond that exists between horses and their human guardians. However, the current state of the law in Canada and the USA betrays this special relationship. In Canada, selling horses for slaughter and their […]

How Vegans are Helping Animals, People, and the Environment

Veganism has become more popular in the last few years and is becoming a mainstream lifestyle choice for many people of and is growing as a social movement that has drastically changed the fabric of the food industry. The term vegan is well-known in popular culture and familiar to all age groups and in particular […]

The Link: Animal Cruelty & Domestic Violence

Animal companions are a great addition to the family as they provide unconditional love, companionship and bring structure and stability in our lives. Surprisingly, animals in the household can also be used as crime-predictors! In fact, many studies throughout the years, from 1997-2017 (described below), have suggested a strong link between animal abuse and domestic […]

Justice the Horse needs his medical bills paid

Justice for Justice the Neglected Horse

Although there has been a significant improvement within animal law as it relates to the legal recognition of animals as sentient beings, a major obstacle still needs hurdling. In animal abuse cases, whether negligent or intentional, criminal convictions may result; however, in many of these abuse cases, the animal who fell victim to abuse rarely […]

Desmond’s Law: Giving A Voice for Abused Animals in Court

  Animals have unique personalities, the capacity to feel emotion and pain, and the ability to think. Unfortunately, animals do not have a voice to express themselves in times of serious trouble so they need humans to speak up for them. “Animals are living beings and they deserve the same rights as any other living […]

Benefits of Pet’s in People’s Lives

Companion animals help humans to live more in the present! From the moment they wake up to bedtime, they live in the moment: they are not worried about tomorrow and they are full of happiness and are always excited to spend time with their human guardians. For thousands of years, in particular, our canine furry […]