Are you thinking of Going Vegan? What about Plant-based?

Making the Switch is Easier than you think

It’s a new year and a great time to think about starting a new lifestyle and way of life. 

I have been following a plant-based and vegan lifestyle for years now!! I have always loved animals and wanted to help them. But it wasn’t just for animals; it was about incorporating a healthy lifestyle and doing my part in helping our precious planet and the environment. My journey into veganism took time. It was gradual and it didn’t happen overnight. Here are my reasons for a plant-based lifestyle and going vegan. I am happy to share with you that I never looked back once I made the switch.

I would love to share the many reasons I made the switch: for my health, love for animals, making a positive impact on our planet, and not contributing to the suffering of innocent animals. Going vegan is one of the best things YOU can do for animals, your health, and the future of our precious planet. By making the switch to a vegan and/or plant-based lifestyle you can help to reduce the demand for animal products, which means there are fewer animals killed and there will be fewer slaughterhouses. If you are not ready to go vegan, what about a plant-based diet?

An overview of plant-based vs. vegan/vegetarian and the reasons to make the switch:

What is a plant-based diet? 

A plant-based diet consists of mainly eating foods that come from plants such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, whole grains, beans, and seeds. It can include being a vegan or vegetarian and it doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing approach. It is focused on health and nutrition and is a forward-thinking nutrient-dense diet and a conscious, healthy, lifestyle.

It doesn’t mean that you are vegan or have to adhere to a vegetarian diet. It is a great place to start changing the way you eat for your health, and your concern for our planet, and animals. You can start a plant-based diet anytime. You might want to start with themes. For instance, Meatless Mondays, Wellness Wednesdays, etc. to motivate yourself to eat more plants! 

How is a plant-based diet different from veganism/vegetarianism?

Plant-based diets are different from veganism in that vegan diets adhere strictly to no animal products, including wearing clothing and purchasing products that include the use of animals to produce. Whereas vegetarians do not abstain from eating animal products and for instance, they can eat dairy. You do not have to be a vegan or vegetarian to choose a plant-based diet. You can eat more plants and focus on eating more fruits and vegetables as well as other whole foods that are derived from plant sources and are not processed. 

Why might someone want to adopt a plant-based diet? 

Someone who cares about animals might want to adopt a plant-based diet for animal rights. When fewer people purchase products from the dairy industry such as meat, dairy, and eggs, there is less demand and someone who cares about animals can feel better knowing he/she is not contributing to the suffering of animals in factory farming that live miserably during their shortened lives to be killed for human consumption. Many animal lovers know the importance of incorporating a plant-based diet for animal rights, but it’s just as important for our planet’s well-being and future as climate change is a real threat. Someone who cares about the environment could help to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions by switching to a plant-based lifestyle. Choosing to include plant-based meals even one or two days a week can help dramatically reduce the impact of the climate crisis that we are facing as humanity.

The great news is that it’s easier than ever to make the switch. There are so many resources that can guide you. For instance, Veganuary is a great place to get started and they offer 30-day challenges with tools. Check out their website: 

I hope that I have explained the differences between plant-based and vegan and you can decide for yourself. If you have any questions along the way, please feel free to reach out to me!! Good for you for considering a vegan lifestyle!!