Happy 4th of July to American Pet Parents and Animal-Lovers

Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe & Happy

It’s that time of year to celebrate American Independence Day to spend time with friends and family and that includes our beloved furry friends.

Pets are part of the family!! Unfortunately, it can be a stressful time for our beloved canine and feline friends as well as some other types of family pets, as fireworks can be noisy and scary for them. Independence Day festivities with fireworks are not a good mix.

Sadly, the 4th of July weekend is one of the busiest times of the year for animal shelters across the U.S. Animal shelters can get crowded due to people’s pets getting lost due to fleeing their homes and being found far from home disoriented, stressed out, and tired. Due to this scary situation, there is an increase in companion animals as strays in animal shelters during this time of year.

Here are tips to keep your pets safe and protected for a happy 4th of July:

Take your dog outside during the day before it gets dark to avoid fireworks and tire your dog with exercise and offer plenty of water and shade if it’s hot. Keep your pets inside the house before you start to hear fireworks. You can close the windows and doors and keep the noise out. Don’t let your pets stay in the backyard or away from you, especially when it gets dark. Ensure they are microchipped just in case they get lost and ensure the information is up-to-date.

Look out for signs that your pet is stressed. You know your pet the best and if their behavior starts to change that can be a sign they are stressed. For instance, if your pet is anxious and starts to cling to you or run around, you can comfort them and put them in a safe space. During holidays we put our senior dog, Lily, into her crate. I turn on music or leave the television turned on (which acts as a white noise). For our puppy, Oakley, I prepare treats to keep him preoccupied and put him in his crate or in a bedroom. I create a safe, calm environment. Our bunny, Zoey is in the basement. You can try to put them in the quietest part of the home. If you live in a house then the basement can be a quieter place for cats and rabbits and shields them from the noises outside, and create a calm and peaceful environment with music, or leaving the television on, as that can be helpful to reduce noises that frighten your pet.

Most importantly, please keep your pet inside the house during the festivities. If a pet gets outside, this can create a stressful time for both of you. To make the most of this holiday celebration, you can take some safety and precautionary steps ahead of time to protect your pets. For those pet lovers without companion animals as part of their families, it can be a great time to check out your local animal shelter. You might fall in love with a furry friend in need of a second chance to find a family and home. Check online for your shelter’s visiting hours. Wishing everyone a Happy 4th of July celebration!!