It’s a New Year and a New Beginning: Try Veganuary This January for Your Health, our Planet, and Animal Friends

Happy 2023 Friends! I love the start of a new year. It’s like a fresh start to make positive changes and goals. This year will be better, as we continue to work together to change the world for our animal friends. We can teach others to respect and love for each other, animals, and our planet. It starts with self-care of your health so why not give veganuary a try!

I haven’t always been vegan, so I can understand that it takes time and effort to incorporate a vegan diet. When I started I was worried about missing out on family dinners, friend’s events. It took a while to have the courage to share with others that I am vegan. Most of my friends and family have been supportive of me and my choices to put animals interests first. 

Since I have been vegan, I have noticed the most amazing health benefits. For example, I have more energy, my skin is clearer, I have thicker hair and of course just an overall feeling of good health. I try to eat mostly whole foods that are plant-based. For example, I eat nuts, legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables whenever I can and I educate myself on nutrition.  

So, to help you get started this Veganuary I have compiled a few ways to get you moving and they are simple and easy!! Veganuary iis a non-profit organization that started in 2014 and has grown into a massive event with over 500,000 people worldwide. They promote an event in January that encourages people to go vegan and follow a vegan lifestyle. 

Number 1: If you are not looking to completely go vegan try one day a week. For instance, “Meatless Mondays” -it’s a fun and easy way to eliminate animal products slowly. Once you feel like you have mastered Meatless Mondays.. try to add another plant based day to your diet. For instance, plant=based taco Tuesdays, wellness Wednesdays, etc.

Number 2: Encourage your friends/ family involved in veganuary! It is easier to stay with it when you have a support system! Since my husband went vegan a few years ago, it’s made my life so much easier and we are a team. 

Number 3: Plan your meals ahead of time. Meal planning is a great way to stay on track throughout the week when it comes to preparing meals. You can select theme days and find easy and fun plant based recipes online. 

Number 4: You can sign up for coaching emails. We all love motivational quotes but what about coaching support to get you through the tough days. has lots of tips and tricks to help you get through the month.

If you are looking for more information on how to get started with veganuary, please check out it’s a great place to start your journey into veganism!  Lastly, feel free to share your journey with the vegan community.