What Does “Furever” family mean to you?

Each year millions of homeless companion animals sit in animal shelters waiting for a loving family and hoping to find their forever home. Sadly, some of them never get this opportunity to have a loving family, to sleep in a comfortable bed or experience what it is like to receive and be rewarded with a “goodboy/girl treat” is.  As we grow closer to the holiday season, let’s please consider the plight of shelter animals and appreciate that innocent companion animals are waiting in shelters alone on Christmas Eve hoping to find their “furever” family.

As an animal advocate, I have dedicated my life to helping to speak up for homeless animals and I have encouraged people to find their forever companions in shelters. I have helped friends and even family members find their furry family members. My mom, for instance, adopted her beloved dog, Gucci, from an animal shelter when I was a volunteer dog walker. Unfortunately, some people choose to look for “designer dogs” and overlook adoptable dogs and cats (even rabbits) available for adoption at their local shelters. So, some really lovely and amazing dogs get overlooked and end up living their whole life waiting for their new family that never shows up.

This holiday season and beyond if you are looking to bring home a fur friend or if you know of someone who is looking for a companion animal I encourage you to share the message of hope and realize that shelter animals deserve love.