Happy Foster February!

Happy Foster February Friends!

This month we are celebrating the amazing dog and cat foster parents who take in and love animals while they are waiting for their forever homes. 

Why are foster homes so important when it comes to animals? I have compiled a list that might make you take the leap in becoming a foster parent this “ Foster February” 

  • Some dogs and cats can get very stressed when staying in a shelter environment. 
  • Being placed in a foster home allows them to be more settled, allow their personality to shine, meet and engage with other animals and begin training. 
  • If you foster an animal you remove that animal from a shelter allowing for a new animal to be rescued. Overall, it frees up room for more animals to be removed from kill shelters and abusive homes.

Celebrate this Foster February by visiting your nearest shelter and see if fostering is something you and your family are interested in! With every new foster we are one step closer to ending shelter killing.