The Importance of a plant-based diet on the planet

We all know the importance of a plant-based diet on animals, but did you know you could eliminate greenhouse gas emissions by switching to a plant-based lifestyle? 

Raising and producing livestock for food accounts for three-quarters of 30% of total greenhouse gas emissions. The science is simple; reduce meat intake and we can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The planet would benefit greatly. 

Not only that but if we switched to plant-based it would free up land, save water, reduce hunger and SAVE LIVES. It is no secret that an unhealthy diet is the largest global burden of disease. Would you believe me if I said poor diet has surpassed tobacco as the leading cause of death worldwide? According to the “The Lancet report”  “Eating more plants and fewer animal products could prevent 10.9 to 11.6 million premature deaths from heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic conditions every year, according to the researchers.” 

This year I give you a challenge and that challenge is try a plant-based alternative! Give it a try and make a difference!