Celebrate Animal Victories and Why It’s so Important!

There have been so many amazing animal victories lately. From major fashion houses going fur-free to animals being recognized in laws as sentient beings in countries like Spain and England. We have come a long way and there’s much more to come! When you hear victories like Dolce and Gabbana has stopped the use of animals as fashion or when countries around the world decide against animal testing for cosmetic use please celebrate and share. These victories are thanks to activists and advocates taking a stand to make real progress for animals around the world. 

We have to keep up the momentum to put pressure on companies and politicians to take action. We can celebrate victories so their competitors want to follow. 

When you see a victory SHARE IT. Post comments, celebrate, and remember you can change the world. There is no reason for an animal to die for fashion, and there is no reason for an animal to suffer for lipgloss. 

Celebrate those wins! Animals depend on it! Please share animal victories and keep up this momentum.