Feeling Stressed this Summer? Adopt an Animal!

Did you know when surveyed the majority of North American people admitted to feeling stressed? Perhaps it is due to the pandemic or the rising cost of living. We can agree that these pastĀ few years have brought stresses we never could have imagined. Therefore, I compiled a list of reasons why adopting an animal could save a furry friend’s life but also save yours.Ā 

1-Pets Help Humans to Stay Active.

According to The American Heart Associationā€™s new survey, it was identified that 47% of pet parents say their furry friendsĀ help them to stay active. We know that exercise is good for physical and mental health. Getting outside in nature for a daily walk or jog with a dog is good for your overall health.

2-Snuggles make us Feel Better!

According to the same survey the most common ways pets help their human families de-stress is through hugs and snuggles.  

3-Feel less Lonely!

In this survey, 61% of pet parents said that their furry loved ones help them feel less lonely. 

4- Laugh More!!

Most people can agree that animals make us laugh more! For instance, watching your dog get the zoomes or your cat climb on the fridge is hilarious. According to this survey, 67% of pet parents say that their companion animals help them laugh more. 

5- Could your Furry Friend Help You Get a Promotion?

This survey found that 70% of employed pet parents said they would be more productive and happier if they could have their pets at work with them.Ā 

Overall, sharing your life with a furry friend offers so many benefits and is a huge stress relief. Being a pet mom/dad could help you overcome daily stresses but also help you lower blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and make you feel overall happier. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and adopt an animal, it could save a lifeā€¦. Even yours.

This summer you can check out adoptable animals at your local humane society or municipal shelter!! Remember there are so many lovely animals in need of love waiting for you to bring them home.