Gifting Animals for Easter

Why You Should Not Buy a Bunny as a Present and What You Can Do Instead! Easter is around the corner and with this holiday many people think of celebrations and cute animals such as fluffy bunny rabbits and baby chicks! While this holiday is a happy time for families, especially children, enjoying chocolate treats and hide […]

Thinking of Traveling with your Pets

Tips for You and Your Pet’s Safety As the warmer season is approaching and spring break is almost here, many pet parents are planning to travel. There are considerations to think about if you are bringing your pet! You will need to purchase a crate or carrier bag (depending on the pet’s size) and you […]

Can’t Adopt an Animal? Consider Fostering!

February can be a great month to become a foster parent to a homeless animal in need of care and a temporary loving home. It is still cold in many parts of the world and many animal shelters and rescues are capacity and full of homeless. By fostering animals in need you are making a […]