Back-to-work? How to help your furbaby cope.

Going back to work? Feeling overwhelmed with the thought of leaving your pet home alone after being at home for 18 months?

Problem is that a sudden change could be a challenge to you and your pet. If your pet isn’t normally alone for long periods of time it may cause some separation anxiety and yes both dogs and cats can feel the effects of separation anxiety. 

To make the transition easier for you, below are some great tips to help you get off to the right start. Routine is KEY! 

  • Start by leaving your house for short periods of time while slowly increasing the duration of each trip. This is a great way for your pet to begin the process of understanding that you will return when you leave. 
  • If your dog is crate trained and spent the majority of time while you were away in a crate it may be a good idea to slowly start reintroducing the crate. Have your dog spend a few naps back in the crate and allow for that comfort to return.  
  • Was your dog on a strict meal time routine? Start by reintroducing the old meal time schedule for your furry friends. 

An animal’s ability to recognize your daily routine may surprise you. So start slowly and allow you and your pet to get back into a routine. It may take a few tears and a lot of wet kisses to get back to where you were pre-covid.