Libre’s Law: Animal Abuse and Anti-Cruelty Laws

Animal abuse is a serious crime and is linked to other violent crimes in society. Cruelty to animals it is not a minor problem and it does not occur in isolated incidents. In fact, animal cruelty is the number one predictor of future violent crimes against humans. Why else would the FBI track animal cruelty […]

California Targets Puppy Mills!

It will soon be illegal to sell dogs from puppy mills in pet stores in the state of California. Instead, animals, including dogs, cats, and rabbits, must be provided from shelters and rescues. The bill was passed recently by the Senate without one person dissenting. The bill was passed with overwhelming support and signed by […]

Abandoning Pets: Companions are Not Disposable

It happens more often than it should. Someone sees a puppy that is “unbelievably cute!” That’s just the nature of puppies. They decide they must have that puppy and take that puppy home. But then reality sets in. Taking care of that puppy is hard work: training, feeding, more training, exercise, more feeding, and money […]

Hope for Animals after Hurricane Harvey

As you have likely seen on the news and social media, the damaging effects of Hurricane Harvey in Texas are absolutely devastating. The hurricane has caused immense destruction, with the city of Houston having taken the worst damage in the storm. Regrettably, it’s not just the people who were left affected by the Hurricane — […]

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