Justice the Horse needs his medical bills paid

Justice for Justice the Neglected Horse

Although there has been a significant improvement within animal law as it relates to the legal recognition of animals as sentient beings, a major obstacle still needs hurdling. In animal abuse cases, whether negligent or intentional, criminal convictions may result; however, in many of these abuse cases, the animal who fell victim to abuse rarely […]

Desmond’s Law: Giving A Voice for Abused Animals in Court

  Animals have unique personalities, the capacity to feel emotion and pain, and the ability to think. Unfortunately, animals do not have a voice to express themselves in times of serious trouble so they need humans to speak up for them. “Animals are living beings and they deserve the same rights as any other living […]

Benefits of Pet’s in People’s Lives

Companion animals help humans to live more in the present! From the moment they wake up to bedtime, they live in the moment: they are not worried about tomorrow and they are full of happiness and are always excited to spend time with their human guardians. For thousands of years, in particular, our canine furry […]

Victory: A Celebration of Animal Rights in 2018

This year has been an amazing year for animal rights! Let’s look back for a moment at 2018 and celebrate this year of progress for animal rights – here are some victories! Fur is dead and is not in fashion. Some of the big Fashion houses: Gucci, Burberry, Versace, and Jean Paul Gaultier ditched fur this […]

Helping Homeless Pets

The holiday season is fast approaching! While many of us have a loving family to spend time with this holiday season, many animals do not. Countless homeless dogs and cats will spend this year’s season alone without a loving family to show their appreciation. However, we are all here to help! Even if you cannot […]


Traditionally, courts have relied on an ownership model that still views animals as nothing more than personal property. This ancient view considers individuals who purchase animals as having sole possession over them. Pets are members of the family and are viewed as children to many. Animals have personalities, have the capacity to feel emotion, and […]

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month!

Spread the word! Adopt a Senior Pet Today! November is a month dedicated to raising awareness on senior dogs in need of a loving home. Senior dogs can be loving companions and don’t require as much training. Sadly, they are at a much higher risk of losing their lives in shelters as they tend to […]

FUR IS NOT IN FASHION – Join the Fur-Free Fashion Momentum

San Francisco became the first major city in the U.S. to ban the sale of fur! With San Francisco’s new law, it will soon become illegal for apparel companies to sell fur beginning in January 2020. The world should follow suit and implement similar animal-friendly ordinances to reduce the pain and suffering of animals. Every […]

Ending the Horrors of Puppy Mills, One Law at a Time

For many years, irresponsible breeders seeking nothing but profits put the lives of many puppies, kittens, and bunnies into despair without care for their welfare. Puppy mills open by the thousands around the world contributing to overbreeding, overcrowding, and excessive amounts of euthanizing. California, however, made steps forward to dispel the powers of puppy mills […]